Spiral springs

Spiral springs are used as balancing springs for smaller angles of rotation.
The stored force serves as compensation or retraction torque and the spring curve rises almost in a straight line.

Spring support

An characteristic curve almost free of hysteresis is often required.
Although the working range for a spiral spring is in most cases limited to two revolutions, the coils do come into contact with each other after only a small angle of twist, so that the curve for spring extraction is no longer in line with the curve for retraction.

To compensate for this difference, a support is used. This support, which is in the outer hook area, can significantly reduce contact
between the coils when running. The spring support therefore has a positive influence on running behavior and thus on the service life of the spring. 

A special design used in watchmaking is the sliding support, which makes it possible to shorten or lengthen the spiral spring by moving the support.

Preferred designs of supports for spiral springs are: