Power springs

The traditional form of the strip spring is the power spring.  

The special feature of the MAXIMO power spring is that the combination of winding forward and then back increases the power density, making maximum use of the available material properties.

Spring production

The primary material is cut to the required width and made ready for spring production.
This consists of two main steps - prefabrication and winding.





The required spring strip is uncoiled from the raw material, the spring ends are machined and the spring is prepared for the next steps.

The spring ends are annealed as required to improve their formability.
To enable the production of a MAXIMO power spring or to facilitate improved handling, it is also rolled.

After prefabrication, the spring ends can be machined separately in a series if additional intermediate steps and various hook shapes can be incorporated.

The spring must be heat treated to prepare it for the next step, winding.


After prefabrication as described above, the power springs are now wound. This is done by coiling them around a winding axis. The springs can then be rewound into a housing, a wire retaining ring or an assembly aid .

Assembly & pretensioning

In addition, assembly into more complex assemblies is also possible.

In most cases, the spring cartridges are not pretensioned in keeping with their design until they are installed by the consumer.
After pretensioning, they are ready for use.
The spring cartridges can however also be  pretensioned and fixed into place with a locking pin directly after winding,
so that the cartridges is ready for immediate use.