Power springs

The traditional form of the strip spring is the power spring. It was used in the early days for energy storage in pocket watches. With the energy it stores, it can power a drive or shaft – hence the name.


  1. Spring width: 1.8 - 100 mm
  2. Spring thickness: 0.05 - 3.0 mm
  3. Material: Martensitic textured carbon steels and stainless steels
  4. Service life: Up to 500,000 load cycles 
  5. Low hysteresis
  6. Flat characteristic curve in the working range


Power springs for locking systems


Door closer

Power springs for return systems

Seat belt

Vacuum cleaner (cable retractor)

Dog leash

Hose retractor

Power springs for compensation systems

Balancer (weight compensation)

Overhead line

Power springs in starter systems

Starter spring for small engines

Power springs for mechanical drive systems


Wind-up toy

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