Constant force springs

Because they provide a uniform force, constant force springs are used in many industries as a retraction element. They can be used as tension/compression springs for long extensions with constant force and as torque generators with controllable spring characteristics.


  1. Spring width: 1.8 - 100 mm
  2. Spring thickness: 0.05 - 3.0 mm
  3. Material: Textured carbon and stainless steels
  4. Service life: Up to 50,000 load cycles
  5. Minimum hysteresis
  6. Very uniform force-displacement characteristic


Constant force springs for weight balancing

Window lifters






Constant force springs for push and pull systems

Kinematic modules

Vacuum cleaner (cable retractor)

Constant force springs for retractors




Sun blind and luggage compartment cover

Constant force springs for feed systems

Product feed

Carbon brush holder

Constant force springs as protective covering

Telescopic spring as dirt cover

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