Constant force springs as telescopic springs

Telescopic springs are a special form of constant force spring.

Telescopic springs are used for tolerance compensation or as springs for transmitting the pretensioning force, and as protective coverings.

  1. Telescopic length up to 4 m
  2. Spring width: 5 - 180 mm
  3. Spring thickness: 0.20 - 1.0 mm
  4. Material: Stainless spring steel and carbon steel
  5. High temperature-resistance
  6. High chemical resistance

Telescopic springs

In a special rolling process, the individual spring coils are given a predefined pitch in the axial direction, giving the telescopic spring its typical shape.

It can be pushed together under pressure and then unwinds back into its original shape.
This makes telescopic springs ideal as protective coverings against dirt and for protecting spindles/shafts, piston rods and guide planes against penetration by dust, chips and liquids.