Spiral springs

Spiral springs have a wide range of applications in drives as measurement sensors or oscillators – from tiny balance springs for wristwatches to heavy-duty springs for cable tensioners in railway systems – and this is reflected in the broad range of designs and dimensions.

  1. Spring width: 2 - 120 mm
  2. Spring thickness: 0.05 - 12 mm
  3. Material: Carbon steel, stainless spring steel, bimetals
  4. Long service life
  5. Low hysteresis possible
  6. Characteristic curve rising in a straight line


Spiral springs for automotive technology

Camshaft adjuster

Spiral springs for camshaft adjusters are robustly designed for vibrations of up to 350 Hz and can withstand 10 million load cycles

The spiral spring supports the adjustment process in order to adapt the engine valve timing ideally to the individual load case.



Swiveling trailer coupling

Spiral springs for swiveling trailer couplings are designed for static loads. They have a low settling loss.

The spiral spring unlocks or locks the mechanism in the respective end position of the trailer coupling during the swiveling process.

Stainless spring steel strip SUPERFLEX

Exhaust gas control valve

Spiral springs for exhaust gas control valves are designed for load cycles of over 1 million cycles and are very compact.

In the event of a valve malfunction, the spiral spring ensures that the driver can safely continue driving the car in emergency mode. 

Stainless spring steel strip SUPERFLEX


Safety belt

Omega springs for restraint systems are designed with the highest degree of precision for torques of less than 2 Nmm.

With a centrifugal force-controlled mechanism, the Omega spring prevents the seat belt from jerky retraction.

Stainless spring steel strip SUPERFLEX

Coil springs for safety valves

Self-closing shut-off valve

Spiral springs for safety valves are designed for static loads and store a maximum of energy in a minimum of space.

At high temperatures, the spiral spring mounting point comes loose and the resulting energy released closes the valve again.

Stainless spring steel strip SUPERFLEX

Fall protection system

Spiral springs for fall protection systems are already designed for specific irreversible deformations and have damping properties.

The energy released during a fall causes a specific plastic deformation of the spring, which therefore acts as a damper.

Stainless spring steel strip SUPERFLEX

Spiral spring for electricity technology

Catenary tensioner

Spiral springs for overhead contact line systems are designed for high torques of up to 1,000 Nm. They fall into the category of “heavy spiral springs”.

Tensioning systems with spiral springs reliably compensate for temperature-related changes in the length of the overhead contact lines whatever the season.



Carbon brush holder

Spiral springs for carbon brush systems have a typical S-shaped outer hook in order to achieve the flattest possible force curve.

Carbon brush springs create the required contact pressure and can therefore maintain the electrical contact over the required service life.

Stainless spring steel strip SUPERFLEX

Switch disconnector

Spiral springs in switch disconnectors serve as energy storage systems for generating high switching torques.

Compact spiral springs are used in switch disconnectors, which generate high torque values even at a low angle of rotation.

Stainless spring steel strip SUPERFLEX



Current measuring spring

Assembly with bimetal springs, for power monitoring in transformer stations and power plants as well as in current measuring devices with large time constants.

This assembly protects the insulation on power lines if the voltage is exceeded for a defined period of time. 



Spiral springs for measuring technology


These springs operate in a temperature range from -40 °C to 500 °C.

Thermometers with bimetal springs provide reliable temperature control and serve as control elements in heating and cooling devices.



These spiral springs work like bimetal springs. However, they do not react to heat, but rather to moisture. 

The activator, a kind of paper, is connected to the passivator, a steel strip. When the humidity rises, the paper becomes longer as the fibers swell and acts on the steel strip, which retains its length. The resulting curvature causes the pointer to deflect.


Spiral springs for watch technology

Mechanical clockwork

High-quality spiral springs for timepieces demand the highest degree of precision and quality.

The spiral spring regulates the frequency of the balance of the mechanical clockwork of a wristwatch, a pocket watch or a ship’s chronometer.

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