Spiral springs

Spiral springs have a wide range of applications in drives as measurement sensors or oscillators – from tiny balance springs for wristwatches to heavy-duty springs for cable tensioners in railway systems – and this is reflected in the broad range of designs and dimensions.

  1. Spring width: 2 - 120 mm
  2. Spring thickness: 0.05 - 12 mm
  3. Material: Carbon steel, stainless spring steel, bimetals
  4. Long service life
  5. Low hysteresis possible
  6. Characteristic curve rising in a straight line


Spiral springs for automotive technology

Camshaft adjuster

swiveling trailer coupling

Exhaust gas control valve

Coil springs for safety valves

self-closing shut-off valve

Spiral spring for electricity technology

Catenary tensioner

Carbon brush holder

Switch disconnectors

Current measuring spring

Spiral springs for measuring technology



Spiral springs for watch technology

mechanical clockwork

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